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Kim and her son, mom and son near the water.

Hello there! I'm Kim! Your Buffalo Family Photographer and Rochester Family Photographer!

Welcome and thank you for stopping by!

As a fellow mom, I understand the magic of watching our children evolve – their ever-changing features, their unique personalities, and the boundless range of expressions that light up our days. It's a journey that sweeps us off our feet, filled with fleeting moments that seem to slip through our fingers all too quickly.

The joy of capturing these moments is something I hold close to my heart. I'm here to freeze those heartwarming instances in time, so you can hold onto them for a lifetime.

Time has a way of whisking us away from the early days that now feel like distant dreams. When I look back at the photos of my own little ones, I'm reminded of just how cherished those memories have become.

Through my lens, I've learned a profound lesson: the true value of a photograph grows with every passing day. It's a slice of time that vanishes in an instant, yet transforms into a memory you'll forever hold dear.

And this is what I aspire to create for you – a chance to capture the essence of your children as they journey through life's wonderful chapters. Those seemingly ordinary moments? They're the ones that weave the tapestry of your family's story, becoming the treasures you'll always carry.

I invite you to explore my portfolio. If my images resonate with you, I'd be thrilled to chat about crafting a personalized portrait experience for your family. Let's work together to encapsulate the love, the laughter, and the unique spirit of your loved ones.

Looking forward to connecting with you,

mom and daughter in the creek
girl dancing in the wildflowers
siblings brother and sister sitting on a rock in a field at golden hour
a young boy near the creek holding rocks
a. young boy running through a field of wildflowers

About my style...

At the heart of my photography philosophy lies a passion for creating a relaxed and child-centered environment. I believe in the beauty of genuine moments, where children can be themselves, exploring and playing freely.

Through these organic interactions, I aim to not only capture the pure essence of your family but also to empower you, dear moms. It's about more than just photographs; it's about helping you feel as beautiful as you truly are, while collaborating to bring your artistic vision to life.

The result? Artwork that resonates with your soul and finds its place as a masterpiece adorning the walls of your home, reflecting the love and warmth that defines your family. A gift that can be given to your children and passed down for generations to come. 

Featured in The Buffalo Child Magazine!

cover page of June 2023 Buffalo child magazine

"Kim is amazing! She has captured my family 2 years in a row and both shoots were so much fun and she makes it so easy… and with toddlers that’s no small feat. The photos are stunning and I’m so grateful we found her."

-Victoria S.

close up image of a young girl
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